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UMER to host the 4th Microbunching Instability Workshop

Chaired by Rami Kishek, the 4th Microbunching Instability Workshop will be held on the University of Maryland College Park Campus
Following on the success of the first three workshops on the microbunching instability (Trieste, 2007; Berkeley, 2008; and Frascati, 2010), we are pleased to announce the 4th such workshop at College Park, MD, on the University of Maryland Campus. Concurrent with the growth of X-ray FELs over the past few years, the microbunching instability has been established as a relevant topic for the FEL performance. Clear evidence of longitudinal microbunching in high brightness electron beams to be used for FEL applications has been gathered at several laboratories. If left uncontrolled, the strong microbunching may degrade the beam quality and subsequent FEL output, and pose serious challenges to beam diagnostics. We hope this meeting will serve both as timely review and informal scientific exchanges on experimental observations, theoretical understanding, and numerical modeling of these phenomena for present and future short wavelength FEL facilities.

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