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Pulsed Magnet PS Calibration

Calibration value for the Y-section's pulsed magnet power supplies
The following is based on data collected by Brian Beaudoin, Chao Wu, and students, analyzed with help from Tim Koeth.  The power supply setting (in the control system) is indicated as "S".  The actual current to the magnet is "I".


I =0.93
+ 0.45

I =1.00 *S + 0.15

I =1.1842 *S - 0.8107

I =1.5254 *S + 0.5185 - I (PD-Rec)

Note the subtraction of the current of the recirculating PD (long pulse) from the current of the short-pulse power supply to get the actual current to the pulsed dipole on injection.

Note also that the data for YQ is over the range 7-9 A which is not the recommended operating point.  The calibration for YQ needs to be re-done.

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