Primary Collaborators

  "Virtual" National Laboratory for Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion:
      Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
      Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
      Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  Linac Coherent Light Source
  Northern Illinois Center for Accelerator and Detector Development (NICADD)


Other Research Laboratories

  Argonne National Laboratory:     MSU National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
      Argonne Wakefield Accelerator    
      Intense Pulsed Neutron Source     Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
  Brookhaven National Laboratory:     Cornell University: Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics
      National Synchrotron Light Source    
      Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider     CERN (Europe)
  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory     GSI - Heavy Ion Research Center
  Los Alamos National Laboratory:     XFEL: The European X-Ray Laser Project
      Advanced Fuel Cycle initiative / LEDA    
      Los Alamos Neutron Science Center     KEK (Japan)
  Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility     TRIUMF (Canada)
  Oak Ridge National Laboratory:     Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration
      Spallation Neutron Source    
      Proton Therapy at Loma Linda University Medical Center



  American Physical Society:
      Division of Physics of Beams
      Division of Physics of Plasmas
  U.S. Department of Energy
  University of Maryland, College Park:
      Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics



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